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Whether it is for cinematographic productions, fashion shoots, fashion shows or private receptions, the Galerie Pellat de Villedon offers its exhibition spaces for rent as well as its furniture and objects of art. Nowadays, the eighteenth century is very trendy thanks to the influence of Marie-Antoinette for example. The movie business and the fashion industry do not hesitate to use such universe to present their creations. Thus, it is frequent that professionals from these industries look for shooting locations or objects to create a film or fashion set. « Marie- Antoinette » by Sofia Coppola or « Dernier Amour » by Benoit Jacquot are perfect examples of the public’s passion for this century. To understand the positive effect of the eighteenth century we only need to pay attention to the great receptions held by the Château de Versailles, one of the best places representing the French art of living, or the spot of Paris’ embassies. .

Rental of the Hôtel Bouillon

The Hôtel Bouillon offers various living rooms embellished with different woodwork. Every room is decorated with furniture from the eighteenth century. Naturally, the rooms are transformable to your liking. Dinner, lecture, runway and more are all possible.

For more information and for a price quote please contact the following number: 06 07 57 01 20

Rental of furniture and objects of art

The Galerie Pellat de Villedon owns a lot of furniture, paintings, sculptures, objects of art from the seventeenth century to the eighteenth (and sometimes nineteenth). Those artworks can be chest of drawers, writing desk, desk, gaming table, cartel clock, pendulum, chandelier, candlestick, box, armchair, chair, mirror, etc. Since our furniture is antique it can perfectly fit into movies taking place at a specific time of history.