9 July 2021

A new online store

The Galerie Pellat de Villedon is very excited to reveal its brand new website. Extremely easy to use, you will have the honor to explore our new works of art online on a weekly basis. Thanks to the online store, you can now appreciate almost all of our artworks wherever you are. Moreover, you will also be able to find online important details such as measures, date and state of preservation. 

Furthermore, the « News » section presents the events to which the Galerie attends or organized so you do not miss anything. The section dedicated to newspaper articles lists the different media references to the Galerie. 
Last but not least, the Galerie Pellat de Villedon is not only a place where you can buy artworks, it is also where you can be advised on different matters. Thus, we created an unique section called « The amateur’s book » which includes various articles to guide you through your readings or your decoration. You will even find some legal advice and more. 

Available in English or French, the website is modern and elegant thanks to its symbolic colors. You can easily find our social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest. The subscription to our newsletter is always possible. 

At the Galerie, by phone call, by email or on our website, the Galerie Pellat de Villedon is delighted to welcome you and wish you a good visit. 

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