19 October 2019

The Autumn Feast - 2019

The Autumn Feast is an annual meeting for the art enthusiasts of Versailles. This event is organized by the Versailles’s antique district with an inauguration cocktail followed by three days of exhibition. The Bailliage’s street and the Geole’s district are flowery to give a warm welcome to the guests. Every year, a theme is chosen. In 2019 the theme was « the exceptional object ».

The Galerie Pellat de Villedon, which attends the Feast every year, chose to present a tapestry ordered by Louis XIV to the Manufacture des Gobelins for Fontainebleau. The art work is outstanding by its size, its origin, its preservation, its destination and its quality. In order to highlight  it, the Galerie chose to welcome its guests in two exhibition areas down the Bailliage street, enlightened by candles with a lot of furniture and works of art. 

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