12 September 2019

La Biennale Paris - 2019 edition

La Biennale Paris is one of the greatest gathering in France. For several years, La Biennale is the essential rendez-vous of collectors. Traditionally, this event brings together art and antique dealers inside the luxurious Grand Palais. The 2019 edition takes place from the 13th to the 17th of September. 

This edition marks the fourth attendance of the Galerie Pellat de Villedon. For such a special event, our exhibition displayed exceptional and rare pieces : a tapestry made by the Manufacture des Gobelins for Louis XIV, a chest of drawers stamped by Charles Topino but also a pot-pourri  from the Manufacture of Saint-Cloud. To amaze you, we created an elegant garden in the middle of Paris. 
In order to remember these enchanting days, the Galerie Pellat de Villedon edited a catalog that lists every furniture and works of art from the exhibition. 

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